The Politics of Vibration: Cover and Blurbs

This is the cover of my new book, The Politics of Vibration, which will be published by Duke UP in August. I think it looks great — and captures some of the complexity of musical/vibrational space that I explore in the book. Also wanted to share two of the splendid blurbs that were written for the book by Ben Piekut and Julian Henriques — I’m honored that they would write and think about my work! And below that there’s a link to the introduction to the book which you can read as a pdf.

“Marcus Boon models the perfect combination of rigor and imagination. In this daring and original book, he approaches vibration through mathematics, physics, and psychoanalysis to articulate an ontology of music based on space over time, frequency over duration, instantaneity over progression. The ease with which Boon pursues his ideas across experimental music, Indian classical singing, and recent hip-hop flashes an exciting glimmer of one future for music studies. With The Politics of Vibration, we are already there.” — Benjamin Piekut, author of Henry Cow: The World Is a Problem

“Vibrations change your life; vibrations make life. Marcus Boon explores the hidden practices of vibrations for an original and fascinating insight into the nature of musical experience. In a uniquely sensitive manner—personal and political and philosophical at the same time—he weaves his way through the pulsating energies of Indian classical singing, drone music, minimalist avant-garde, and chopped and screwed hip hop. Boon gives equal attention to the big names and the little known, as they meet in cosmopolitics between the global South and North.” — Julian Henriques, author of Sonic Bodies: Reggae Sound Systems, Performance Techniques, and Ways of Knowing

**You can read the introduction to The Politics of Vibration here!**

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